Real Property Valuation


The Real Property Valuation practice group assists clients with:  (1) real property tax assessment challenges; and (2) eminent domain claims. 


Our attorneys represent clients in all phases of real property tax assessment challenges, from the administrative phase before boards of assessment review through trial of Article 7 proceedings, including discovery and the exchange of appraisal reports. Because we assist both property owners and municipalities, we understand the procedural and substantive challenges on both sides of such cases.  We also assist clients in obtaining real property tax exemptions, including 485-b business investment exemptions, exemptions for non-profit organizations, and residential-commercial urban exemptions. Our attorneys also represent clients who are facing eminent domain--the awesome power of the government to take private property for a public use.  We assist clients in making sure that they obtain “just compensation” for the taking of their property, representing them in negotiations with condemnors, in filing claims for additional compensation, and in trial.