Real Estate


Our Real Estate practice group is experienced in the purchase and sale of industrial, commercial, multi-tenant and residential properties. We have represented sellers, buyers and lenders in a variety of real estate transactions. Our attorneys handle all types of commercial and residential real property mortgage foreclosures and related workout transactions. We also assist our litigators in judgment enforcement for the "forced" sale of real property. Whether on behalf of municipalities, developers or other interested parties, our attorneys work on a variety of land use matters, including zoning disputes, zoning and area variances, subdivision approval, special permits and sewer districts. For our developer clients, we provide input in commercial and residential development, IRC Section 1031 exchanges, condominium development, and other matters. The group is also well-versed in leasing, including ground, sale-leaseback, commercial, shopping center, strip center, multi-tenant and residential leases.


We are a licensed title insurance agent in the State of New York. For information regarding charges for providing title insurance services, please see below:



The links provided below will take you to the title insurance rate calculators for the three title insurance companies utilized by the firm and will permit those interested in procuring title insurance services from the firm to independently determine the applicable charges.