Alternative Dispute Resolution


Not all disputes should be resolved by means of litigation. Mediation, arbitration and early neutral evaluation provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options to parties with legal disputes. These conflict-resolution options can only be provided by lawyers with the experience and training to do so. Our lawyers have the specific experience and unique skill-set required to effectively mediate or arbitrate a dispute as a neutral. Their experience comes from litigating commercial disputes, of all kinds, over many years. Their skill-set is developed from understanding that a different demeanor, approach and strategy must be utilized when serving as a neutral. With the ability to draw upon the substantive expertise of various colleagues within Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, P.C.'s practice groups, we can quickly and efficiently learn the substantive issues in dispute, so we can focus on its resolution in a thorough and efficient manner; the goal being to implement a principled and creative conflict-resolution plan that serves the interests of the parties. Our attorneys have the background and tools necessary to tailor the ADR process to the disputants' particular situation; and unlike other ADR providers, can and will do so quickly and on short notice.


Attorneys also hire us to provide early neutral evaluation to assess their cases at critical points -- typically before large motions, trials or appeals. When properly employed, this under-utilized assessment tool can provide a significant reduction of risk, time and expense, even if traditional litigation is contemplated. For this reason, we encourage attorneys to use this option more frequently.


When ADR becomes as time-consuming, tedious and costly as litigation, the ADR process has generally failed. We work with the parties to use ADR as it was intended to be -- an alternative to the time-consuming and costly litigation process.